First Armstrong carriage houses to be built

Three years after passing bylaw, Armstrong council approves first two carriage house applications

Chris Pieper

Chris Pieper

Nothing for three years since the bylaw was approved.

Then, in one meeting, Armstrong council is looking at, and approving, two development applications for carriage houses.

“We passed the bylaw more than three years ago and nothing had happened,” said Mayor Chris Pieper. “Then we get two applications in one night.”

A carriage house is defined as a self-contained dwelling unit located on the same parcel of land as another dwelling unit that is separate, subordinate in size and accessory to the primary residence.

The homes are a chance for owners of larger lots in Armstrong to not subdivide the property but still have the ability to create an affordable housing option on the large lot.

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“There’s lots of criteria around carriage homes, they have to be a certain size and have so much clearance,” said Pieper.

The carriage homes would be located on lots on Fletcher Avenue and Jarvis Street.

“We’re all (council) looking forward to see how this works out,” said Pieper. “Other communities have had a lot of success with carriage homes so we’re optimistic it’ll be very good.”

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