First pot shop, more development coming to Lumby

First pot shop, more development coming to Lumby

Village growth includes bike park, plans for senior housing, hotel renos

Lumby is on the ‘grow.’

The village is getting its first pot shop, some new development, a bike park and a makeover to a stagnant cornerstone.

Lumby council has approved a referral for a cannabis retail shop in the old Family Café across from Jitterbeans.

“It’s the first and only so far,” Mayor Kevin Acton said of the pot shop application, which is awaiting provincial approval.

The rural politicians didn’t take the shop lightly, considering the property is near a school.

“It was a bit of a tough decision,” Acton said. “But all of Lumby is pretty much next to school property if you think of it.

“And it’s legal now there are rules that people have to follow.”

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Meanwhile, work is underway to fix up the old hotel in the former Ramshorn building.

An asbestos-abatement team has been gutting the downtown staple as crews breath life back into it.

“They’re looking at creating an executive suite something that can hold a hockey team,” said Acton.

The village is also getting some new housing development on the hill by Mountain View.

Two streets and 35 duplexes are proposed in the area, which has been rezoned for medium density.

“Young families will be able to afford them,” said Acton, who is proud his community can offer options in the often high-priced valley.

“Considering Kelowna’s average price is $720,000 we want to be able to provide some opportunities for people who want to live in the Okanagan.”

Lumby is also being proactive in preparing for its elderly citizens.

Property by the Old Age Pensioners Hall has been rezoned to allow for more seniors housing, which Acton says there’s been some attempts of a project.

But kids, and kids at heart, aren’t being forgotten in the village.

Plans are on track for a bike park in the western portion of town near the entrance to Lumby. The park is set to include a pump track and skills park.

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