Flood delays opening of rec centre

Vernon Recreation Centre is currently shut down for annual maintenance

  • Sep. 13, 2013 7:00 p.m.

The Vernon Recreation Centre is currently shut down for annual maintenance, with the opening originally scheduled for Sept. 23.

However, due to a flood in the basement, which took place on the evening of Sept. 2, the opening of some areas of the facility will be delayed by at least one week.

Investigation has determined that the flood was the result of a failure of a pressure reducing valve, which increased the water pressure and caused a valve on the hot water tank to fail and leak. Staff are currently working on establishing a timeline for the resulting repairs needed, which includes work on the main electrical panels, several pumps, phone lines and three boilers. The public will be notified of the new opening date as soon as a timeline of the work is finalized.

Although the flood is an unfortunate setback, there are some exciting improvements that facility users can expect upon re-opening, which include: a new dehumidification system and LED lighting in the aquatic centre; a renovated main office/reception desk; and a new roof on the aquatic centre, lobby and office area. The Halina Seniors Centre has also had a new entryway installed.

Participants and user groups will be contacted with any information affecting their bookings. For updates on the new opening date, or more information on the Vernon Recreation Centre’s programs and facilities, visit www.greatervernonrecreation.ca.