Flood strategy sought

Lumby officials are investigating how to prevent flooding from threatening homes and businesses.

Lumby officials are investigating how to prevent  flooding from threatening homes and businesses.

Conditions are starting to dry up after Duteau and Bessette creeks overflowed their banks June 21. For the first time ever, water was impacting stores on Vernon Street while one home, which has been flooded out over the years, will likely be demolished.

“I was talking to someone who has been here 60 years and he has never seen it like that,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

“This is three years in a row (that high water has occurred). It’s not like it used to be when it was every 10 years.”

As a result, the village is considering options to mitigate the impact of future flooding.

“The creeks aren’t getting flushed like they should so dredging would be a good idea,” said Acton, adding, though, that such work is costly and Ministry of Environment rules would have to be followed.

“We will go to the province for help and we will look at partnerships with the regional district.”

Acton would also like to see the Regional District of North Okanagan control flows on Duteau Creek more so there is less chance for flooding downstream.

RDNO operates a treatment plant on Duteau Creek to meet domestic needs in Greater Vernon.

While there is a 40 per cent chance of rain today, temperatures are supposed to soar into the 30s by the weekend.

But even with weather conditions improving, Acton says residents will continue to monitor creek levels.

“We have a lot of sandbags made and they are ready to go if needed,” he said.