Flood watch continues

Flood watch continues

Water issues continue in Lumby, Enderby, Vernon, Fintry and other communities

The start of the week means many North Okanagan residents will still be dealing with flooding.

In Lumby, the mandatory evacuation orders for the following properties are still in effect:

1879 Faulkner Avenue (Units 1 – 10)

2156 Bessette Street (Units 1 – 12)

1886 Shuswap Avenue, and

1746 Vernon Street

All evacuation alerts issued by the municipality also remain in place.


In Enderby, a state of local emergency continues due to an imminent loss of water Saturday.

Residents and businesses west of the Bawtree Bridge are asked to take all steps to conserve water until further notice.

The crisis arose because of high turbidity on the Shuswap River which led to a boil water advisory Friday, and a drinking water main being out of service since a break in April.

The following steps should be taken by all businesses and residents immediately:

· Eliminate all non-essential water usage entirely.

· Use bottled water for consumption.

· Limit essential water usage to the absolute bare minimum.


Fintry residents should still be prepared to leave because of flooding.

The evacuation order for Fintry Provincial Park remains in effect and an evacuation alert remains in place for 90 properties in the Fintry Delta area. The properties affected by the alert include those in the delta accessed by Fintry Delta Road, Morden Road and Shorts Road.

Residents in this area should be prepared to leave their homes on short notice should conditions along Shorts Creek worsen. They may also wish to take steps to protect their properties from potential flooding.


In Greater Vernon, residents are being told to boil their water for the Duteau and Kalamalka Lake sources.

The area impacted includes Vernon, Coldstream, Areas B and C, some parts of rural Lumby and Spallumcheen, including Stepping Stones.

Due to an increase in turbidity (cloudiness), the water quality is now rated as poor.

Water intended for the following uses should be boiled for one minute:

 drinking

 preparing any foods

 washing fruits and vegetables

 making beverages or ice

 brushing teeth