Focus on French immersion

Focus on French immersion

A fifth kindergarten class is being added at Beairsto Elementary

The Vernon School District is trying to figure out what to do with the popular French immersion program.

A fifth kindergarten class is being added at Beairsto Elementary, but chairperson Kelly Smith insists that doesn’t resolve the district’s ability to handle the demand for French immersion.

“There will be a roundtable with the Canadian Parents for French about what the district will do down the road,” she said.

To accommodate the new kindergarten class, some renovations will be needed in Beairsto’s basement.

“We have to create a space that works well for the teachers and staff,” said Joe Rogers, superintendent.

Coldstream schools change

There will be some shifting of elementary school boundaries in Coldstream.

The lower Middleton Mountain area in Coldstream will be moved from the Coldstream Elementary catchment to the Kidston catchment.

For September, Coldstream Elementary kindergarten registrants who have registered prior to April 11 and who have siblings currently attending Coldstream Elementary will be given the choice to attend Coldstream or Kidston schools.

Students currently attending Coldstream Elementary from this area will be given a choice to remain at Coldstream school or move to Kidston.

“The committee feels it is important to start to alleviate the capacity constraints on Coldstream Elementary effective for the 2017/2018 school year to address the capacity constraints limiting enrolment for in catchment students creating family disruption and transportation issues,” states the boundary review sub-committee in a report.

Budget moves ahead

The Vernon School District is proceeding with its financial plan.

Two readings have been given to the 2017/18 budget bylaw in the amount of $97.5 million.

“There will be more teachers and more supports in schools,” said superintendent Joe Rogers.

It’s expected the budget will be adopted by the board in May.