Food drive overcomes storm

Jim Tennant weathered Tuesday's storm on the roof of Save-On-Foods as he continues a food drive for the Salvation Army Food Bank

Jim Tennant weathered the storm.

The manager of Vernon Save-On-Foods has been up on the roof of his store at the Village Green Centre since Friday morning, vowing to stay until he raises 25,000 pounds of donated food for the Salvation Army Food Bank.

While the first few days of his food drive were sunny and hot, things changed drastically Tuesday morning when a nasty storm rolled through.

“It was banging and flashing pretty good around 2:30 a.m.,” said Tennant from his cell phone on the roof, shortly before noon Tuesday.

“A bunch of my clothes and stuff in the tent got wet. I’ve got those hanging up in another tent up here, trying to dry out. I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not.

“The storm definitely woke me up. I went to sleep around 10 p.m. and it came through around 2:30. I’ve been up ever since.”

Tennant has been playing cribbage and even conducting company business from his rooftop digs to help pass away the time.

He’s had company on the roof in the form of a partner from BDO, and Tennant was expecting the Salvation Army’s David MacBain, and well-known local resident Akbal Mund to join him for overnight stays.

He has also been leaning over the edge of the roof and talking to well-wishers.

“We are at more than 6,000 pounds of food, which is good,” said Tennant.

“It’s almost a third of the way there, which is exciting. We’ve got more pounds coming in, so we’re getting there.

“I hope to be here to get 25,000 pounds. I’ll see how far I make it before I break.”

A year ago, Tennant raised 20,000 pounds of food.

If you wish to help out, you can drop donations off at a bin in front of Save-On-Foods, or you can purchase food bank bags for $5.

Cash donations are also being accepted, and a shopping basket has been suspended from the roof for anyone interested in donating a warm beverage or snack to Tennant and his guests.