Former CAO blasts Lake Country council

Randy Rose criticized council Tuesday for its role in reorganizing departments

Lake Country’s restructuring is under fire.

Randy Rose, former chief administrative officer, blasted council Tuesday for its role in reorganizing departments and handing pink slips to staff.

“Mayor (James) Baker, this council will go down in history as the council that wasted a million dollars, thumbed its nose at its hardworking predecessors and destroyed an award-winning organization,” he said.

“Yes that is right, $1 million thrown away on severances, consultant reports and legal fees. Add on the cost of the work you will not get done. Add on the cost of more consultants and high fees. Add the cost of production lost by creating a work environment of fear, deception and bullies.”

Rose has also written a letter to local media expressing his concerns about district activities.

“To the building contractors in our community, one building inspector will not be capable of carrying out all of the inspections when you need them, so get ready for delays,” he wrote.

“To the parks and recreation committee, who will implement all of your plans and don’t expect it to be the administrator.”

Rose also questions the amount of money being spent for economic development trips.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Rose had sharp words for the elected officials.

“You have just set this municipality back 10 years. What a legacy that you have left for the fine people of Lake Country and the next council to repair,” he said.

“Yes Mayor Baker, that is your legacy, the mayor and council who wasted a million dollars in one term.”

Coun. Lisa Cameron supports the comments made by Rose.

“They are absolutely fair. Chasing the illusion of savings by firing the people around you is still an illusion,” she said.

Cameron says staff who have lost their jobs through restructuring should be acknowledged

“We, as a community lose talent, history and integrity with these staff departures, and on behalf of the citizens of Lake Country who value these qualities in municipal employees, I’d like to say thank you and you will be missed,” she said.

However, Baker has made it clear he is not impressed with Rose.

“He’s entitled to his opinion but I’m not sure what he’s basing his figures on. I’m not sure what he thinks his role is as ex-administrator,” said Baker.

Baker insists that restructuring reflects the direction of his council.

“I’ve always been in favour of getting things more streamlined and people who do their job and  have a can-do attitude, and that’s what we have now,” he said.

“We’re accomplishing a whole lot more given how present administration is working.”