Clay Coles (from left)

Clay Coles (from left)

Fulton class of 2012 makes an entrance

You can say one thing about Clarence Fulton Secondary graduates: They make a splashy entrance.

You can say one thing about Clarence Fulton Secondary graduates:

They make a splashy entrance.

Some graduates arrived at Polson Park Friday afternoon for a photo session in BMWs.

Some came in a stretch limo.

Then there’s Nick Alves, who arrived not on four wheels but four legs.

The Grade 12 graduate showed up at the park, then sat up on Kola, a 12-year-old quarterhorse, and rode from the park entrance over to the Japanese gardens.

“It’s been awesome,” smiled Alves, decked out in a black tux with pink tie and matching black and pink Nike runners, as he happily posed for photos with family and fellow grads. “People want their picture taken with me and the horse.”

Vintage vehicles were popular with the grads.

Laura Rozka and Alica Felgendreher rode in the box of a 1957 Chev pick-up, borrowed from Rozka’s boyfriend’s best friend.

“We rode in from the science centre, and the ride was a little shaky,” said Rozka. “But it’s for grad and it was all worth it.”

Koryn Lindhe arrived in her grandfather’s 1930 Ford Model A Pheaton driven by her proud father, Gary.

“She’s wanted this for years and planned it for years,” said Gary, whose wife, Cheryl, was in the family car behind the Ford “in case of a breakdown.”

“She wanted something different to arrive in and the car is her grandfather’s. She’s been in it since she was a kid.”

Grads Cassidy Steele and Molly McShannon had no problems being pulled in toy wagons from the Polson Park fountain to the duck ponds by their respective dates, Sean Lister and Justin Mitchell.

“It was really fine, kinda scary going over the speed bumps,” said Steele. “The only thing missing was we didn’t have our Ns (driver’s permits) on the back of the wagons.”

“It was riveting and exhilarating,” added McShannon, who had no problems agreeing to arrive for grad photos pulled in a toy wagon. “I said, ‘heck, yes,’” smiled McShannon.

Also having no problems saying yes to a different mode of transportation for arrival were Sommer McGregor and Danika Serafin. They, along with their dates, Clay Coles and Austin Williamson, sat on a love-seat firmly entrenched in the bucket of a 960 John Deere front-end loader, an idea suggested by Coles’ dad, Art, who drove the quartet.

“I would have expected nothing less,” smiled Serafin.

“It was amazing,” added McGregor of the ride, which began at the science centre and ended at the overflow parking in the park’s south end.

Parents know how to make an arrival as well.

Olinda Rasquinha showed up from Burundi, in eastern Africa, to watch her son, Karl, graduate. Her daughter, Ena, graduated from Fulton in 2011 but Olinda was unable to attend.

“This makes up for missing last year,” beamed Olinda. “I feel like both my daughter and son are graduating.”

For Karl, who plans to attend university in Kitchener, Ont. in the fall, having mom out for the grad festivities brought about a huge smile for the photos.

“It really means a lot,” said Karl.

Graduate Jenelle Ostryk’s date, Blake Longstaff, made sure Ostryk’s train on her pleated coral sequined Tony Bowles sweetheart dress stayed out of the wet grass and mud.

“This is a special day,” said Ostryk, who plans to “travel and see what the big world has to offer” in the fall. “This is a day that everyone can look back and acknowledge how far they’ve come.”

Speaking of dresses, Fulton class president Caitlin Barr and Felicia Orton have been best friends since their days down the street at Ellison Elementary. But even friends can keep secrets.

Barr was stunned that her friend bought her grad dress first and without telling her.

“I said, ‘What kind of friend are you?’” laughed Barr as Orton shrugged her shoulders.

Orton plans to work in the fall while Barr attends UBCO. Both plan to remain a big part of each others’ lives.

“Definitely,” said Orton.

And there was one celebrity sighting in the park Friday.

Samantha Basso, 18, brought a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber – “because everyone has Bieber Fever” – as her fake date, joining her real escort, Logan Hembling.

“Logan’s jealous,” laughed Basso.

“Not really,” replied Hembling.