Emma Kane

Emma Kane

Fun for all ages at IPE

The Armstrong fair is open for one more day and large crowds are expected

What draws people to the Interior Provincial exhibition varies from person to person, but once they experience the fair, they always return.

Laura and David Mungall of Blind Bay, who celebrated 38 years of marriage on Tuesday, wander among the stalls petting the goats as the sounds of pigs, goats, and sheep mingle with the voices of the fairgoers.

The couple, originally from Toronto, moved to Blind Bay 10 years ago, and have been coming to the IPE ever since.

“We are away from the big city now and here we are petting goats,” said Laura, with a chuckle.

“My favourite part is the stuff to eat; the hot dogs on a stick and the doughnuts are the best, and we like going to all the buildings and checking out what is new.”

This is a big year at the IPE for Elizabeth MacDonald, 14, who has been coming to the fair every year since she was three.

She is competing in her first horse show and admits she is a bit nervous as she gently pets her partner for the show Chevy Silverado, a 10-year-old miniature horse, who seems undisturbed by all the activity going on around him.

“I look forward to the rides at the fair the most,” said MacDonald.

Emma Klimm, 10, her mom Tanya and little sister Issabella, two, of West Kelowna, pet a micro pig and learn about the breed from owner Karen Hamilton.

“I love the pigs; they’re so cute and loud,” said Emma.

The other thing that brings them back year after year is the food.

“I love mini doughnuts,” said Emma with a grin.