Funding approved for erosion work along Shorts Creek

Regional District of Central Okanagan expects bypass project to begin this week

Efforts are underway to minimize future erosion and flooding along a North Westside creek.

On Monday, the provincial government approved a funding application that was submitted by the Regional District of Central Okanagan over the weekend to construct a bypass channel in Shorts Creek at Fintry.

“The goal of this emergency work is to stop the threat of any serious sudden erosion that could occur from elevated flows in Shorts Creek,” said Bruce Smith, RDCO communications co-ordinator.

“During three separate significant rainfalls over the past three months, the creek bank has sustained serious erosion and any further heavy rainfall could result in the creek bursting its bank.  Diverting and redirecting flows in the creek to a safer northern channel will reduce the threats posed to public safety and infrastructure in the area.”

Design of the work and creek surveying is underway and it’s hoped construction of the new bypass channel in the creek can be started this week.

Until this project is complete, officials continue to monitor the creek in case further action is needed by RDCO’s regional emergency program.

“The regional district is grateful to Emergency Management B.C. and various provincial ministries for their co-operation and quick consideration of its application for this emergency work,” said Smith.

Last week, the regional board was told of the threat posed by any further catastrophic erosion of Shorts Creek.

A report from Urban Systems highlighted concerns that any additional flows and high water levels in the creek could cause flooding problems in the Fintry area.