Funding sought to prevent erosion and flooding along Shorts Creek

Regional district concerned about impact to properties in Fintry delta area

Efforts are underway to minimize future erosion and flooding along a North Westside creek.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has applied for provincial funding for emergency works along a section of Shorts Creek at Fintry.

“The commitment was made following several discussions with Emergency Management B.C., various provincial ministries and a visit to the creek,” said Bruce Smith, RDCO communications officer.

“Emergency Management B.C. has agreed to fund the design of a work plan with the goal of stopping the threat of any serious sudden erosion to the creek bank in the event of further incidents of high water levels and flows in Shorts Creek.”

Diverting and redirecting flows in the creek to a safer course will reduce the threats posed to public safety and infrastructure in the area.

RDCO’s regional emergency program is working on completing the design of this work plan along with an application for funding to complete the work.

It’s expected there will be confirmation from Emergency Management B.C. this week about the funding.

“The regional district recognizes the importance of a timely response to this threat, especially with the possibility of further rainfall,” said Smith.

The regional board was advised of the threat posed by further immediate erosion of Shorts Creek June 14.

A report conducted for the Emergency Program from Urban Systems highlighted concerns that any additional flows and high water levels in the creek could cause problems in the Fintry delta area.

“Meanwhile, the creek continues to be monitored in the event further action and response is needed by the emergency program,” said Smith.