Funtastic fee request fails to reach first base

Funtastic Sports Society strikes out with Greater Vernon Advisory Committee

A slowpitch tournament’s pitch failed to hit its mark.

The Funtastic Sports Society had requested a grant to offset facility fees but that was denied by the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee Thursday.

“Funtastic makes money. They’re not hurting,” said director Catherine Lord.

About $6,808 was paid in rent in 2011 and Funtastic argued that waiving those fees would allow it to provide more funding to community programs. But that didn’t sway Lord’s opinion.

“If we waived the fees, they would have more money to allocate to grants. When we get fees from them, we allocate them to grants. It would just be a case of moving from one to another,” she said.

Director Gyula Kiss says GVAC’s focus should be subsidizing youth activities.

“These are adults coming to the community for fun and they should be able to pay the full cost,” said Kiss of Funtastic players.

Kiss also added that GVAC’s financial resources come from taxpayers.

In a letter to GVAC, Funtastic officials indicate it’s becoming difficult to balance increasing event costs with the desire to support community charities.

“Many events lose money and recently, Nakusp lost its music festival after two consecutive years of combined losses exceeding $250,000,” said Jim McEwan, executive director.

Funtastic supports sports and recreational programs provided by 27 non-profit agencies.

“In the past three years, we have provided $75,000 in cash for partner agencies.”