Gallery Vertigo seeks funding function status

An arts group has made a pitch to receive ongoing support from taxpayers.

An arts group has made a pitch to receive ongoing support from taxpayers.

Gallery Vertigo has requested that the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee make it a function, which could make annual operating funds available.

“We have to look at the financial implications before we can make a decision,” said Mike Macnabb, GVAC chairperson.

A similar request also recently came from the Okanagan Science Centre.

“Each of these groups can make a strong case for support but we have limited resources,” said Macnabb.

No decision has been made, but the door has not been closed to making Gallery Vertigo a function.

“We will include Gallery Vertigo in the discussion on the development of a new arts, culture and youth service,” said director Jim Garlick of the goal of splitting culture off from parks and recreation activities.

Presently, the only functions are the Vernon Public Art Gallery, the Greater Vernon Museum, the Boys and Girls Club, the Vernon Arts Centre and Teen Junction.

Gallery Vertigo is looking for about $29,000 a year to support its co-operative, which includes exhibitions, public education programs, literary readings and performances. There is also a resource library.

“We need continuous and reliable sources of funding,” said Laisha Rosnau, a gallery artist. “Participation in our community programs is accessible to all.”

Some GVAC directors have questioned the difference between Vertigo and the Vernon Public Art Gallery.

“We are very much in collaboration,” said Rosnau.

“The Vernon Public Art Gallery exhibits the work of a high caliber and our gallery space provides an entry point for artists.”