Gallery vote still uncertain

Greater Vernon Advisory Committee will hold a workshop on cultural facilities

The prospect of an art gallery referendum remains in limbo.

While the Vernon Public Art Gallery has asked the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee for a public vote on a new gallery, a decision may not be made until after a GVAC workshop on cultural facilities Thursday.

“We’ve decided to go through the cultural plan first,” said director Akbal Mund.

“The politicians are waiting to see what the process looks like first. I hope the politicians will agree we need to move forward.”

Mund has long called for a borrowing referendum for a new gallery.

“The art gallery has been waiting for years and at some point, we have to agree on which way we’re moving.”

VPAG wants a referendum held in conjunction with a vote on twinning Kal Tire Place, but Mund isn’t sure if that will occur.

“We want to make sure we’re making the right call that both referendums will pass,” he said.

It’s not known when a referendum on a new ice sheet may be held as the provincial government has not approved the GVAC proposal.