Games spared extra expense

Winter Games volunteers spared criminal record check fees

Forking out cash for criminal record checks will not become an official Winter Games activity.

The City of Vernon’s finance committee confirmed Thursday there is currently no fee for criminal record checks for charities.

“They  are a legitimate group and the RCMP will cover the work at no charge,” said Coun. Patrick Nicol of Greater Vernon’s 2012 B.C. Winter Games committee.

The organizers had asked the city to waive fees, which they speculated could reach $12,500 for 500 volunteers.

Akbal Mund, Winter Games president, said the request was made because his group had been led to believe that a B.C.-wide fee for checks would be initiated.

“We’re ecstatic that there will be no charge to the volunteers for checks.”

The Games committee was concerned that criminal record check fees would significantly impact its budget.

“Our goal is to provide a long-term legacy for the community,” said Mund.

Because the Games will need about 500 record checks done, the city has held discussions with the  RCMP detachment about the logistics involved.

“It definitely increases the staff workload,” said Nicol.

“They will do it over a period of time so it doesn’t hit the system all at once.”


The B.C. Winter Games will be in Greater Vernon from Feb. 23 to 26.