Garlick calls for Greater Vernon continuity

Coldstream’s mayor is confident continued progress can be made in Greater Vernon.

Despite some new faces around the regional table, Coldstream’s mayor is confident continued progress can be made in Greater Vernon.

Mayor Jim Garlick was acclaimed in Coldstream, but next door in Vernon there is a new face leading the way – Akbal Mund.

His only concern is that the next four years aren’t spent trying to change something that’s not broken.

“Often you have people wanting to change the system,” said Garlick.

“A lot of energy and time can be wasted if what we do is say, ‘well, let’s change the system.’”

Instead, Garlick is hoping all the regional partners can focus on getting things done, like parks and water.

The next step in the water plan, said Garlick, is approaching the provincial and federal government for funds to assist in improvements, as well as taking a ‘sober second look’ at the plan, which was turned down by voters. Some adjustments may also be in the works in terms of Interior Health’s high standards.

“I think they’re looking at what the standards are and they’re looking at making some changes,” said Garlick.

In terms of his own council, Garlick is pleased to see the return of all incumbents as well as another experienced candidate.

“It’s good five of the six council members are continuing and the one person, Glen Taylor, has previous experience.”

Doug Dirk, Pat Cochrane, Gyula Kiss, Richard Enns and Peter McClean were all elected back, as was Glen Taylor, who served two terms on council from 1999 to 2005.

This time, all municipal politicians will be serving four year terms, versus the previous three year terms.

The new council will be sworn-in to office Dec. 1. The existing council will say goodbye to Coun. Maria Besso, who didn’t seek re-election, at its final meeting Monday.