George Clooney film confirmed for Enderby/Armstrong

Filming begins Monday and will continue until mid-September

It’s official. Hollywood North means the North Okanagan.

The Okanagan Film Commission has confirmed that Walt Disney Pictures will begin filming Tomorrowland in the Enderby, Grindrod and Armstrong areas Monday. The film, which starts George Clooney and Hugh Laurie, will be shot off and on locally until mid-September.

“Having a film, cast and crew of this caliber coming to the Okanagan to shoot is a highlight in the history of filming in the Okanagan,” said Jon Summerland, with the Okanagan Film Commission.

“We will definitely see an increase in popularity for filming in the Okanagan after the release of this film on Dec.12, 2014. Being in the company of as many Oscar winning filmmakers and actors is also a highlight in my career so far.”

Look for more in Friday’s Morning Star.