Golf course strata moves ahead

The next phase in the planned strata development at Armstrong’s Royal York Golf Course is underway

The next phase in the planned strata development at Armstrong’s Royal York Golf Course is underway.

Council unanimously approved a development permit application for Longview Resources, care of Patrick Place and John Groeneveld.

“The development permit for multi-family development – form and character and waterbody – and protection of the natural environment is consistent with the policies and guidelines of the official community plan,” wrote planner Hazel Christy in a report to council.

Added Coun. Ryan Nitchie: “This is basically the next step in the golf course development that been ongoing.”

The applicants have proposed a 45-lot bareland strata development on the subject lands at 2440 York Avenue and 2240 Bradley Drive.

Meetings reduced

Spring has only just begun, but council is looking forward to the summer months.

As is the custom, council looks at reducing its meeting schedules in July and August from the regular two-a-month to one council meeting.

Council voted unanimously to meet once on July 14 and once in August on Aug. 11.

“If there are issues that do come up and we require holding another meeting, proper notice will be given,” said Mayor Chris Pieper. “We can meet on July 26 and Aug. 25 if necessary.”

For sale

A city-owned unit in Heaton Place has come up for sale.

“We own four units (in the seniors facility) and one rental unit is becoming vacant at the beginning of May,” said Coun. John Trainor.

Council is interested in selling the unit for an asking price of $149,000.

The city originally purchased six units when the facility opened but have since sold two.

Blue bags

briefly extended

To facilitate a transition to the Multi Material B.C. (MMBC) recycling program, the city has requested an extension of its blue bag residential recycling program contract with the Regional District of North Okanagan be extended.

The current contract expires April 30.

Council unanimously agreed to an extension that runs May 1 to May 16. The MMBC program, which will be administered by RDNO, begins May 19.