Green leader makes Vernon stop

Green leader makes Vernon stop

Andrew Weaver optimistic about the party’s chances in the May 9 election

Green leader Andrew Weaver is anticipating that election day will be groundbreaking for his party.

During a stop in Vernon Monday, Weaver insisted that many voters believe the B.C. Greens as a viable alternative to the Liberals and the NDP.

“We’re seeing a surge of support,” he said, adding that a lot of that interest is coming from Vernon-Monashee.

“The Okanagan has a rich history of inter-play between the economy and the environment.”

In terms of the local race, Weaver says many voters are frustrated with their options because they don’t know what the NDP stands for.

“Eric (Foster – Liberal) has been there a long time and people are looking for change,” he said, adding that recent polling shows the Greens leading on Vancouver Island.

“There are pockets where we are stronger than in other pockets.”

Weaver downplays suggestions that a strong Green Party will undermine the NDP and allow the Liberals to form government again.

“They (NDP) have had 16 years to inspire British Columbians and they have failed to do that. We’ve offered candidates like Keli (Westgate) that can put voters first.”

In terms of the economy, Weaver says his party is committed to promoting the high-tech sector.

“We’ve offered a vision that is based on our strengths,” he said, adding that the party has received an endorsement from Dave Krysko, Club Penguin co-founder.

While in Vernon, Weaver visited Westgate’s campaign office and then walked along 30th Avenue to meet voters.

Westgate says Weaver’s stop has bolstered her efforts leading up to the election May 9.

“It feels like we have a better chance than ever,” she said.

Green volunteers will be working hard trying to increase Westgate’s profile over the next few days.

“We have a passionate team and there will be more door knocking and sign waving. We have remained positive and that’s been lacking with the other parties,” she said.


Green leader makes Vernon stop