Greens call for climate action

Newly nominated Green Party candidate Dave Smith meets with supporters

Newly nominated Green Party candidate Dave Smith told supporters in Vernon and Salmon Arm that the transition to a low-carbon economy is creating immense opportunities in both energy and industrial sectors.

Smith noted that whereas China used to be criticized for constructing coal power plants, it is now the world leader in solar panel and electric car production.

“They know the dangers of fossil fuel and they are cutting back. So are India, Europe and Japan. The cost of solar is dropping fast. To keep climate change under control, the UN has declared that world consumption of fossil fuels must fall by 80 per cent over the next 35 years.

“Plans for Canada to become an energy super-power selling high cost, carbon intensive bitumen are unrealistic. A gradual transition building on the progress of other nations will create jobs across Canada in both manufacturing and energy infrastructure. Well paid, long-term jobs that will keep families together in a carbon reduced environment”.

Food security is also an issue.

“Okanagan-Shuswap has an immediate opportunity to give valley produce premium value if we declare certain products GMO free,” said Smith.