Plans are underway to replace the current Grindrod Community Hall with a larger facility in Grindrod Park.

Plans are underway to replace the current Grindrod Community Hall with a larger facility in Grindrod Park.

Grindrod pursuing support for new hall

Grindrod Recreation Association proceeds with plans for new hall

Grindrod’s hall has served the community well over the decades, but it’s time to move on.

The Grindrod Recreation Association is proceeding with plans for a new community hall.

“It’s a necessity,” said George Hawrys, a longtime resident.

“The current one has done its duty and the community has outgrown its size.”

The present facility by Grindrod Elementary, which fits about 50 people, started out as a house in about 1905. It was then turned over for public use.

“It’s in very poor condition,” said Herman Halvorson, with the association’s building committee.

“It’s at the point of no return.”

Association members voted Feb. 20 to construct a new community hall in Grindrod Park.

However, the funds required for a new structure must be raised first. The total project cost is about $265,000.

About $200,000 could be generated through the sale of the current hall and an adjacent lot (bids close April 2), as well as money from reserves and a grant from the Fortune parks and recreation district.

“If all of that occurs, we will have to raise about $65,000 from the community and people are already interested in making donations,” said Halvorson.

“We will also approach service clubs for support.”

Construction costs could be reduced if the existing septic system at Grindrod Park can be used.

A new hall would accommodate 100 people and it would be wheelchair accessible and have a concession, which could be used for events in the park such as the Garlic Festival.

“It will be for the community’s needs and we will be able to rent it out,” said Halvorson.

“There’s a very active community out here, and with it being on the river, the new hall will get more use.”

Among the activities at the existing hall are church services, pancake breakfasts, crib nights, potluck dinners, reunions and anniversaries.

Besides fundraising, the recreation association is also ensuring all regulatory approvals are in place for a new hall.

“There has been significant co-operation from the Fortune parks and recreation district and the Regional District of North Okanagan,” said Halvorson.

For more information about the hall replacement project or to support fundraising efforts, call Halvorson at 250-838-7407 or Lindsay Kibbe at 250-838-6096.