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A new location for marijuana production in Vernon may take root

A new location for marijuana production in Vernon may take root.

The city has backed off a bylaw that would have limited medical marijuana activities only to agricultural zones so the prospect of industrial zones can be investigated further.

“It’s a good use for an industrial building,” said Coun. Brian Quiring.

Council had voted recently to only allow medical marijuana to be grown in agricultural zones because B.C. Assessment would have only applied the cheaper farm assessment if the activity took place on industrial zoned land.

However, staff has been directed to investigate the assessment issue further and determine if there would be a major impact if production was on industrial land.

Besides individual lots, Quiring wants medical marijuana production considered for multiple tenant buildings that contain industrial uses.

“If the facilities are designed according to the guidelines, they will be odourless,” he said.

Mayor Rob Sawatzky is willing to reconsider council’s earlier decision about where marijuana production occurs.

“There is nothing inappropriate about greenhouses in light industrial,” he said.