GVAC tabled with school costs

Greater Vernon Advisory Committee left with replacement bill for Lavington Elementary tables

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee may have to fulfill a commitment to Lavington.

The Lavington Community Association has asked GVAC to help replace tables at the community centre at Lavington Elementary School.

“Those (original) tables were purchased by regional district funds,” said director Doug Dirk, who provided his colleagues with some history.

“This is a replacement item.”

GVAC has a joint use agreement with the Vernon School District so the school gymnasium can host community events.

A provincial grant for new tables will be sought, but if that is unsuccessful, GVAC may have to consider the item as part of the 2013 budget process.

The estimated cost for the tables and table carts is $8,657 and $2,400 has been raised by the Lavington Ladies Work Group, the Lavington Community Association, Lavington Elementary, the Lavington May Day committee and the Lavington Fire Department.

“External groups are making contributions which doesn’t always happen,” said Dirk.

The goal is to acquire 32 tables.

“The tables currently in use are more than 20 years old and in poor condition,” said Edith Thoreson, treasurer for the Lavington Community Association.