Isa-Bella Gelter

Isa-Bella Gelter

Gymnasts jump into new space

The North Valley Gymnastics Society hosts open house at new clubhouse, #4-2707-45th Avenue, near Canadian tire, Saturday

The North Valley Gymnastics Society is throwing the doors wide open.

An open house will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the new clubhouse at 4-2707 45th Ave., near Canadian Tire.

“It will be a chance to look at the new facility, which we’re very excited about,” said Pamela Hargreaves, a board member.

Information will be available on programs, which enrolled approximately 260 kids in the past year, including summer offerings.

“There’s a full gym so we have all new equipment,” said Naomi Rokus, head coach. “There will be strengthening and conditioning.”

A fall schedule is currently being drafted.

“We hope to offer classes from 18-months-old to adults,” said Rokus.

The club has been operating out of the Vernon Recreation Complex and Armstrong Elementary School.

But a new facility is needed because of challenges with the daily moving of equipment, limited storage space, restrictions on the equipment permitted and being bumped by other events.

“Participation numbers have been depleted because we’ve only been able to provide programs up to age seven,” said Hargreaves.

But with the new clubhouse opening, the goal is to offer a wide range of programs and increase participation.

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