Home sparks action

Neighbours demand action from City of Enderby over Brickyard Road home destroyed by fire several years ago

A burned-out house has some Enderby residents and politicians fuming.

Some neighbours demanded action Monday from city hall over  a Brickyard Road property destroyed by fire three or four years ago.

“The neighbours are fed up because it’s unsightly,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

The city could enact its unsightly premises bylaw but another solution is being sought.

“We’re tied up with the bank (which owns the property) to either tear it down or fix it,” said Cyr.

“If we get into civil stuff, it could be costly for the city to deal with it. They’ve assured us they are close to a deal with it.”

In a letter to the city, officials with Calgary-based Bridgewater Bank thank council for its “continued patience with this difficult situation.”

“We have arranged to obtain an updated appraisal for as is and land value only,” said Jenny Glover, account manager.

“We anticipate being in a position to list the property in question for sale as is and feel that will be simply the quickest way to have the unsightly property dealt with.”

Glover also says Bridgewater Bank has been contacted by a local realtor.

“He has shown an interest in handling the listing of the property for the bank as he feels that he will be able to find us a buyer fairly quickly,” she said.

While Cyr hopes the issue can be resolved, he believes the city will pursue its bylaw if required.

“We won’t sit on our hands and we will keep the pressure up,” he said.


“It shouldn’t have taken this long to resolve the matter.”