Horror feature ready to shoot

Rick Dugdal of Enderby Entertainment brings filming to Falkland and Enderby

Cameras are ready to roll on a horror film and a North Okanagan native hopes it’s the start of a long relationship with the region.

No Tell Motel will be shot in undisclosed locations in the Falkland and Enderby areas from Aug. 3 to 26.

“The story is centred around a motel off in the middle of nowhere and we found that here,” said Rick Dugdale, president of Los Angeles-based Enderby Entertainment.

The company gets its name from Dugdale’s hometown, where he graduated from A.L. Fortune Secondary School in 1995.

“I’ve been one of those rare guys that knew what I was going to do,” he said. “Bringing the industry back to this area is important for me.”

And No Tell Motel, with a possible release in late 2012, could be just the first local production for Enderby Entertainment.

“We want to come back here with many films because the area is so beautiful,” said Dugdale.

That is something the Okanagan Film Commission wants to ensure happens.

“I’m hoping Rick has a great time here and brings more micro-films here,” said Jon Summerland, film commissioner, of No Tell Motel’s budget, which is under $1 million.

“The spin-offs could be huge from just this one production company.”

No Tell Motel will employ about 65 people.

“They will all be Okanagan people and there will be lots of locals,” said John Trainor, an Armstrong councillor and Okanagan Film Commission chairperson.

“There will be everything from construction and electrical to drivers and food services.”


Cast and crew will also use North Okanagan hotels and restaurants.