Hospital Hill action demanded

Hospital Hill action demanded

Vernon council wants pedestrian activated light installed on 32nd Street

There’s a call for action at a notorious crosswalk in Vernon.

City council will write a letter to the Ministry of Transportation demanding a pedestrian activated light be installed at 32nd Street (Highway 97) and 21st Avenue, by Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

“To have lights there is common sense,” said Coun. Scott Anderson, who urged his colleagues to take a stand.

Anderson says he’s received numerous concerns about the risk involved when a pedestrian is trying to navigate the four-lane highway at the crosswalk.

The ministry has previously denied requests for lights, indicating that the grade of Hospital Hill makes it too difficult for transport trucks to stop.

However, Anderson doesn’t accept that explanation.

“The crosswalk is there and trucks are expected to stop when someone is in it so the grade of the road is irrelevant,” he said.

The crosswalk is used by residents of the area as well as hospital staff who park on the west side of the highway.

Mobile vendors reviewed

The City of Vernon is updating mobile vending regulations.

It’s expected city staff will propose development policy and bylaw amendments after consultation with vendors and businesses.

“We want to bring forward a solid proposal for council’s consideration,” said Will Pearce, chief administrative officer.

According to city staff, the existing process needs to be refined and updated to specifically address business licensing, permitted locations, the application process, associated fees and quality control.

Any new rules will likely be implemented in 2018, but there is already support for mobile vendors.

“I think the more, the better. It enhances civic spaces,” said Coun. Scott Anderson.