Ice blocks fire investigation

Investigators struggling to pick through ice-covered debri from Nap's Laundromat fire in Lumby

The elements are making it extremely difficult to determine how a destructive Lumby fire started.

Officials are still unable to pinpoint the cause of the blaze that roared through Nap’s Laundromat and two residential apartments on Vernon Street Monday.

“We’re getting held up with ice and it’s really slow going,” said Dean Wakefield, investigator.

Cold temperatures led to a thick layer of ice forming as water was being doused on to the flames Monday. There has been no chance for the ice to melt.

Also proving challenging is the amount of debris, including the remains of the roof and walls, damaged dryers and washing machines and other items.

“There’s a lot of stuff to go through there. We’re still processing everything,” said Wakefield.

It’s possible that the investigation may be put on hold until the weather warms up.

The property owner had insurance but the tenants in the apartments did not have content insurance.