Illegal dumping a concern

Illegal dumping a concern

A vehicle has been left abandoned by Kekuli Bay Provincial Park

Rural parts of Vernon continue to be a dumping ground.

A vehicle is just the latest to be left abandoned off of Highway 97, south of the Kalamalka Lake lookout.

“We’re dealing with illegal dumping all of the time in the rural area,” said Bob Fleming, director.

The primary concern with abandoned vehicles is they could be set on fire, creating a hazard to adjacent properties, and they also present a safety risk for residents and wildlife.

“With this vehicle, there are pieces of metal and glass,” said Fleming.

The vehicle is right on the boundary with Kekuli Bay Provincial Park and it’s been there since about mid-February.

“It hasn’t been removed yet but B.C. Parks is aware of it, the Ministry of Transportation is aware of it and the RCMP are aware of it,” said Fleming.

“It’s a work in progress and B.C. Parks is supposed to be doing something about it.”