Illegal signs force council into action

Okanagan Landing Road's home-made speed signs to be removed

Civil disobedience has forced the City of Vernon’s hand.

The city will try and slow motorists down after residents posted home-made speed signs and painted an illegal crosswalk in the 8800 block of Okanagan Landing Road.

“The way the law looks at it, it is graffiti and needs to be removed,” said Rob Dickinson, engineering manager.

However, because the city is now aware of the illegal signs and road markings, the city could be held liable if an incident occurred. That is why the pilot project for traffic calming between Paddlewheel Park and Ellison Provincial Park is moving ahead.

“This won’t be the first time civil disobedience is the motivation to do something,” said Coun. Mary-Jo O’Keefe.

“It (the road) is very dangerous for our kids and we have to do something to slow people down.”

Residents are pleased the city is taking action.

“It hadn’t been addressed before,” said resident Barry McDougall, pointing out that the city has been lobbied before about the road.

None of the residents will provide details on who initiated the illegal signs and markings.

“They drew attention to an issue,” said McDougall.

Before traffic-calming devices are installed, the city will canvass residents in the 8700 and 8800 blocks of Okanagan Landing Road to ensure there is support.

Any changes will likely involve wide curbs and a raised area for pedestrians to walk.

It’s believed much of the problem is related to local residents speeding and not traffic related to tourist destinations like Ellison park.


“It’s people who are used to the road and they are going way over the speed limit. It’s very aggressive driving,” said Coun. Juliette Cunningham.