Incumbent Vernon councillors eye election

Catherine Lord and Brian Quiring will seek second terms on council during the Nov. 15 civic election

Two incumbent politicians are hoping to hold on to their Vernon council seats.

Both Catherine Lord and Brian Quiring will seek second terms on council during the Nov. 15 civic election.

“There are many issues facing Vernon, from the state of our economy to the sustainability of our infrastructure,” said Lord, who is a former manager of O’Keefe Ranch and was director of finance in Coldstream.

“A number of actions to address some of these issues are in progress, and I’d like to see them through  to completion, particularly in the area of retaining and expanding our existing local businesses.”

Lord, who has lived in Vernon since 1976, also wants to focus on cost containment at city hall.

“This past council has held administration to no staff increases and to a 1.8 per cent ceiling on cost increases annually,” she said.

“One of my priorities is to always, always consider the cost to the taxpayer. For a sustainable community, we must run efficiently, live within our means, and deliver the best value for money.”

In terms of Vernon’s relationship with Coldstream and the regional district, Lord says it has improved due to trust and respect.

“That must be maintained if we want to achieve any region-wide initiatives, especially if we are applying for financial assistance from the provincial government,” she said.

Quiring says he is seeking a second term because   of some major outstanding issues.

“We’re not quite there yet with development. There are still some concerns in the community that we can improve our development permit process,” said the 51-year-old architect who has lived in Vernon for 21 years.

“I am a good liaison between city staff and the development community. I run a successful business with 20 people and I understand the business community. I bring something unique to the table.”

Quiring says his goal is to create a sustainable community economically, socially and environmentally.

“I will continue to encourage and promote transit-oriented, mixed-use development with a wide range of housing choices,” he said.

Another priority, he said, will continue to be promoting sustainable architecture, landscape and agriculture.

“I’ve been pretty socially minded while on council,” he said.