Independent focuses on environment

Another option has been added to the ballot for Vernon-Monashee voters.

Another option has been added to the ballot for Vernon-Monashee voters.

Independent Korry Zepik is in the running against Conservative Scott Anderson, Liberal Eric Foster, New Democrat Mark Olsen and the Greens’ Rebecca Helps.

As a father, Zepik is particularly concerned with youth and future generations. His campaign will centre around climate change and capping tar sands expansion.

“Climate change needs to be placed front and centre this election because it is our choices and actions right now that will define our children’s future,” said Zepik on his blog (

“The purpose of running as an independent candidate would be to help block the Enbridge, Kinder-Morgan and any other future tar sands pipelines from crossing our province to our coast.”

Zepik is also using his campaign to discuss, “moving forward economically to a diversified energy sector and a stable mixed market.”

He urges citizens to vote for those individuals who will stand up for the rights of their children.

While he is asking for voters to check his name off on May 14, he also supports another party.

“I would still see an NDP victory as a probable win for our children,” he said on his blog.

“If the NDP win this election in May, they said that they will revoke the agreement which the Liberals signed that gave away our right to have our own environmental review, and we would regain our right to say no. I am encouraging people to vote strategically to assist the NDP to power.”