Irresponsible dog owners face fines

Enderby council amended the dog control bylaw to include a $100 fine if an individual fails to remove fecal material

You could be left with a hefty fine if you don’t pick up after your dog in Enderby.

Council amended the dog control bylaw Monday to include a $100 fine if an individual fails to remove fecal material created by their dog.

“Common sense is not enough so we need to put a bylaw in place,” said Coun. Raquel Knust, who has three dogs.

“We see dog feces along the River Walk and along the roadways. Why aren’t people picking it up? Young children use these spaces to walk.”

There has been an issue in past with people telling city staff that the waste is not from their dog.

However, there is now an expectation that people will have the ability to clean up or face a fine.

“Everyone should have at least one bag on them,” said Knust.

The bylaw states, “an owner of a dog shall, when on public or private property without the express consent of a property owner, be in possession of at least one dog fecal matter disposal bag for the purpose of removing any fecal matter that their dog may deposit.”

The bylaw also states that dog waste must be immediately removed from the property and disposed of in a suitable refuse container.

Knust says the city is reviewing the location of garbage cans and plastic bag receptacles to ensure they are in the right place.

The bylaw calls for a $100 fine for not removing fecal material or not being in possession of a disposal bag, but it will be reduced to $50 if there is early payment within 30 days.  The late payment penalty is $110.