Kal Lake boat restrictions surveyed

Kal Lake boat restrictions surveyed

Coldstream lakefront owners and lake users split

Survey says Coldstream residents are divided over boating restrictions on Kalamalka Lake.

The District of Coldstream recently sent out 244 surveys (131 of which were returned) to lakefront owners and lake users asking several questions about activities on the lake.

“We asked if they would be in favour of any restrictions on the motorized boat use on the north end,” Mayor Jim Garlick said. “What we found was a split.”

There were 48 respondents in favour of restrictions, while 47 were not.

Yet, a few more people were in favour of speed limits at the north end of the lake — 53 per cent in favour; 42 against.

Coldstream currently has a 75-metre zone along the shore with an eight kilometre speed limit between Westkal and Kinloch.

“Usually lakes in B.C. are only a 30-metre zone and in the Coldstream area its a slower limit,” Garlick said.

Meanwhile, a large percentage said their property is impacted by boat wakes — 59 per cent — 35 property owners reported they were not affected.

Fifty-one per cent were in favour of corridors for motorized watercraft to use to get to the preferred boating area, while 45 per cent were not.

Residents were also asked about what kind of activities they used the lake for.

Swimming, paddleboarding, motorized boating and canoeing or rowing made up the largest numbers, followed by fishing and sailing.

With paddleboarding being such a popular water sport, Coldstream is working with the Regional District of North Okanagan to create a marked water trail for paddling, and other non-motorized watercraft.

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