Killiney Beach residents face water interruption

Water will be shut off for about 75 homes below Westside Road Wednesday

Some customers of the Killiney Beach water system should plan to be without water Wednesday morning and afternoon.

Water will be shut off for about 75 homes below Westside Road while the Regional District of Central Okanagan repairs a leak in a pressure reducing valve at Westside Road and Kildare Way.

The work is scheduled to take place from about 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” said Bruce Smith, communications co-ordinator.

The following addresses will be impacted.

  • 504 to 594 Udell Road

  • Odd only – 9365 to 9485 Westside Road

  • Even only – 9454 to 9584 Westside Road

  • Galway Place

  • Kildare Way

  • 302 to 325 Killarney Way

  • 410 to 505 Killarney Way

  • 9485 to 9554 Hodges Road

  • Blarney Place

It is recommended in advance of Wednesday’s service interruption that customers at those addresses impacted:

  • Shut off hot and cold faucets and any equipment that requires water;

  • Store sufficient drinking water for the anticipated period of interruption;

  • Isolate supply to hot water tanks;

    • If not isolated, avoid running hot water as impurities could be drawn into the hot water tank and may cause problems with its operation;

  • Fill a bathtub or other large container with water to use for toilet flushing and only flush when absolutely necessary; and

  • Use anti-bacterial hand sanitizer for hand washing.