Killiney water plans pumped in

RDCO has approved $50,000 for a preliminary design for a Killiney Beach water system project.

A North Westside water utility could ultimately undergo some major improvements.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan board has pumped $50,000 into a preliminary design for a Killiney Beach water system project.

“It’s an older system,” said director Wayne Carson.

If the project goes ahead, RDCO officials say it will lead to a more efficient operation of the system and improved service for 280 properties.

There is also the possibility that another 145 properties could eventually be served by the utility.

“The water system is sourced from Okanagan Lake and is divided into four pressure zones supplied by four reservoirs and booster stations,” said Chris Radford, director of community services, in a report.

Designs will be considered for the removal of a lower elevation reservoir, increasing storage at an existing higher elevation reservoir and replacing pipe to help upgrade fire flows.

The expected price tag is $2 million and construction will depend on  provincial and federal funding as Killiney Beach’s tax base is too small to take on the work itself.

“There will be a federal election this fall and that may loosen up some money,” said Carson.

“I’m sure small communities and water systems will be a priority moving into the election.”

Once the  design work is done, RDCO will apply to the Build Canada-Small Communities Fund for project assistance.