Labels panned for gas pumps

Our Horizon recently asked RDNO to support warning labels about climate change

There isn’t any interest to take the issue of climate change to residents filling up with gasoline.

Our Horizon recently asked the Regional District of North Okanagan to support warning labels about climate change on gas pump handles. However, no action was taken by board members Wednesday for the five electoral areas within the region.

“The electoral areas don’t have business licenses so we have no control over that,” said Mike Macnabb, BX-Silver Star director.

Our Horizon, which is a non-profit group, wants warning labels that graphically show the damage from climate change and how it could help motorists to cut their emissions.

Beyond RDNO itself, there doesn’t appear to be much interest in other local jurisdictions.

Director Kevin Acton says he discussed the concept of warning labels with Lumby council.

“They couldn’t see putting a policy in force for the one gas station we have,” he said.

Director Juliette Cunningham pointed out that Our Horizon also made the request to Vernon council and the issue of labels will be discussed at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in September.

“We may address it after UBCM and we can also possibly do that here (RDNO),” said Cunningham.