Lake Country improves building permit processing times

A mobile app is now used to ensure inspection accuracy and efficiency

District of Lake Country officials believer it’s become easier to proceed with development in the community.

Municipal staff have improved building permit timelines in the past few months.

“Among other things, we have turned to technology to further assist staff when they are in the field,” said Mark Koch, director of community services, referring to the adoption of a mobile app used to ensure inspection accuracy and efficiency.

“We’re extremely proud of the building inspections team, who have recently reduced the permit processing time down to less than three weeks – which is the standard throughout the region. As building activity continues to pick up in the community, we’re focusing on systems to shorten the timeline even further yet –  striving to achieve a two week processing timeline, which customers have enjoyed in slower times.”

Building permits are issued in accordance with the local building regulation bylaw and the B.C. Building Code, which has been changed recently, adding to the challenge, as designers become more familiar with updated provincial standards.

After a building permit is issued, a series of site inspections occur to ensure that construction conforms to the minimum standards of the building code.

“Recognizing that timelines do fluctuate, and that time is but one indicator in providing a safe and efficient building approvals process, it is nonetheless fitting to acknowledge the creative use of technology and hard work of the district’s building inspections team in decreasing permit timelines for their customers, who ensure a safer community, one application at a time,” said Koch.