Leash tightened on dog rules

The City of Armstrong is clarifying the rules regarding dogs

The City of Armstrong is clarifying the rules regarding dogs.

Revisions have been made to the dog regulation bylaw, including removing references to kennels.

“The current bylaw has a two-dog limit per household unless a valid kennel license has been issued. The city’s zoning bylaw does not permit dog kennels in any zone,” said Terry Martens, chief financial officer, in a report.

The two-dog limit remains in effect for all properties.

“We know people have more than two dogs. If they have more than two, they go on record, and if one dies, they can’t have another one,” said Mayor Chris Pieper.

Pieper says small lots don’t have the physical capacity to handle more than two dogs.

“There’s bothering the neighbours and barking.”

The other change to the bylaw is eliminating the reference that allows for the sale or adoption of unclaimed and impounded dogs.

“The city doesn’t have the resources to arrange for the sale or adoption of dogs,” said Martens.

“There are organizations in the area such as the SPCA and animal rescue centres that deal with this. As a result, it would be more appropriate for the city to transfer such dogs to these organizations.”

A royal thank you

The City of Armstrong has been acknowledged by Buckingham Palace.

The city recently celebrated the Queen becoming Canada’s longest serving monarch, and congratulations were sent to her on behalf of residents.

A response has since been received.

“Dear, Mr. Mayor, the Queen has asked me to thank you for your kind letter sent on behalf of the councillors and residents of the City of Armstrong on the occasion of Her Majesty becoming the longest reigning monarch of Canada Sept. 9,” wrote Christopher Sandamas, chief clerk to the Queen.

“The Queen was pleased to be reminded of her visits to the region and has asked me to send her best wishes to you and all concerned.”

Mayor Chris Pieper says the letter was a surprise.

“It was nice to get a response. We didn’t expect to get anything like that,” he said.