Lengthy process for rec complex repairs

$1.7 million in Vernon Recreation Complex repairs could take until fall

There will be no quick fix to repairs at the Vernon Recreation Complex.

Requirements for selecting contractors and fabricating the necessary equipment means about $1.7 million in construction could take until late fall.

“We hope to have everything done by November,” said Jim Coughlin, facilities manager.

Damage has occurred to the pool walls and roof because exterior finishing installed in 1993 failed and cold exterior air has clashed with humid air from the pool. The dehumidification system was  also undersized when it was installed and it was shut off in 1998 because of costly repairs required to keep it running.

The original heating lines in the auditorium are also rotting out because they were not installed correctly when the complex was built in 1965.

As part of the dehumidification repairs, it could take four weeks to advertise for and hire a mechanical engineer. That engineer would then need six weeks to prepare a phase one report on the project.

It would then take four to six weeks to tender documents for potential contractors and then the tender period would be three weeks.

Coughlin  anticipates that one week would be required to award a contract to a contractor.

Actual construction could run from five to six months.

The dehumidifier would be installed during the pool’s regularly scheduled shutdown from Aug. 27 to Sept. 17.

“It takes four months to build the equipment,” said Coughlin.

Tenders will also be issued for the pool’s roof and wall repairs and the auditorium heating system.

RDNO directors had instructed staff to go to a request for proposals so a number of options for repairs can be considered.

“I’m satisfied with the process established,” said director Doug Dirk.


“It should give us the result we want which is more than one (contractor) involved.”