Letnick takes solid lead in Lake Country

Liberal incumbent has 57.96 per cent of the ballots counted so far

Liberal incumbent Norm Letnick is re-elected in Kelowna-Lake Country.

With 70 of 157 polling stations counting, Letnick has 4,209 votes or 57.96 per cent.

That is followed by Mike Nuyens of the NDP with 1,733 or 23.86 per cent, Conservative Graeme James with 780 votes or 10.74 per cent and Green Gary Adams with 540 votes or 7.44 per cent.

In Kelowna-Westside, Liberal incumbent Ben Stewart is currently at 1,450 votes or 56.71 per cent. Carole Gordon with the NDP is at 31.25 per cent and Conservative Brian Guillou has 12.05 per cent.