LETTER: Run deer, run!

  • Nov. 4, 2021 1:30 a.m.

Visualizing this encounter might brighten your day. The local deer have been gnawing on my wife’s plants off and on during the nighttime hours for several weeks now.

One recent morning when she went outside to feed and water the birds, a doe and her two teenage fawns had the audacity to stand in the garden and stare at her, showing no fear or respect. That was a BIG mistake!

My wife’s reaction was instantaneous. She chased them out of her garden, out of our yard and down the street. The deer are probably still running for their lives.

Upon reflection, I came to the conclusion that under the right circumstances my wife could set a new Olympic record in the women’s 100-metre dash. There is only one problem: getting the International Olympic Committee to allow a few deer to stand just beyond the finish line and nonchalantly stare at my wife while chewing on some of her favourite plants.

Lloyd Atkins