LETTER: Trudeau broke law with SNC Lavalin scandal

LETTER: Trudeau broke law with SNC Lavalin scandal

There’s no coming back from it following Ethics Commissioner’s report

After the release of the federal ethics commissioner’s report, there is no longer any question that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke the law.

Generally, when someone breaks the law, they are referred to as a criminal. That means we have a criminal as our prime minister. Really great for Canada. Really great for a guy who is trying to persuade other countries to learn from Canada and follow our example.

If that isn’t bad enough, it has been shown that two retired Supreme Court Justices were working hand in glove with SNC Lavalin to subvert the course of justice in Canada. If that does not shake your confidence in our Canadian Justice system, I don’t know what does. How many times, after a judgment has been rendered, have you heard victims express outrage at the decision? Corruption at the upper echelon of the Justice System filters down to the lower levels as well.

All this is very closely tied to the Liberal Party of Canada. Again well proven by the Ethics Com. Report. What surprises me is that anyone in the North Okanagan- Shuswap Electoral District is willing to join the Justin Trudeau team in election 2019!

Alfred Schalm, Salmon Arm