Library flood restoration begins

Extensive flood repairs will get underway soon at Vernon’s library

Extensive flood repairs will get underway soon at Vernon’s library.

Stutters Disaster Kleenup was hired Thursday to  initiate restoration work after a burst pipe caused significant flood damage on the main floor Feb. 10.

“We’re very happy to be moving towards the next step,” said Tara Thompson, branch head librarian.

Since the flood, crews have been ensuring any damaged material has been removed to ensure the safety and health of library patrons and staff.

Hiring a restoration company was delayed because the insurance company required a second quote.

It’s not known when construction will be completed, but the library will remain open.

All library activities have been moved to the second floor and that means not all resources are fully available.

“Some people are very supportive and some feel very inconvenienced,” said Thompson, adding that library staff have excelled at handling the circumstances.

Despite the first floor being closed off, the library remains a busy place.

“Spring break programs are still underway,” said Thompson.

“The book returns are full most of the time. Things are getting back to normal.”