Vernon’s own Griffon Burton

Vernon’s own Griffon Burton

Local resident steps into national spotlight

Vernon's own Griffon Burton in the final four to become co-host for a day on ET Canada

As the family photographer at Wal-Mart, Griffon Burton is used to putting the spotlight on others. He’s a natural at making stubborn kids crack a smile, and now his outgoing personality has earned him a spot in bright lights.

He may not be a Hollywood star just yet, but the 21-year-old has made it to the final four to become co-host for a day on Entertainment Tonight Canada.

“It’s crazy,” said Burton, recently returned from competitions in Toronto.

“It’s very surreal being from a small town.”

Burton is hoping even more people will notice him and help him advance in the competition through online votes.

The top three will be determined from votes at, which ends Monday.

“Put in your vote for whoever you like, hopefully me,” said Burton, who is competing against two Ontario residents and one from Vancouver.

The top three will be announced on ET Canada Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on Global.

The online voting from Wednesday to March 17 will determine the top two, which will be announced March 19. Then the finalist will be determined, again through online voting between March 19 and 24, and will act as guest co-host March 26.

Burton would love the opportunity to share all he’s learned through the experience on one of his favourite shows.

“I’m all into reality, I love celebrity gossip,” said Burton, also a huge fan of Big Brother, which he auditioned for in Vancouver in 2012 and was featured on the front page of the Vancouver Metro standing next to star Hayden Moss.

In fact, ever since he graduated from high school, Burton has had big dreams.

“I told myself, I’m going to be somebody and put myself out there and hope somebody notices,” said the Clarence Fulton grad.

“And it did, it worked.”

But regardless if he wins or loses, Burton is just thrilled with the experience he’s gained so far.

He was in Toronto last week, mentoring under Roz Weston, senior entertainment reporter.

“He just loves my mustache,” laughs Burton.

While in Toronto, Burton also completed his first competition.

“We had to interview a mystery guest,” he said, adding that you can catch the interview Monday on ET Canada.

The entire opportunity started after he heard about the contest and put together a video, well actually two as the first one had some glitches, and sent it off amongst hundreds of others in hopes of being noticed.

“And it did, it worked.”