Miriam Palfy considers the cover of her book

Miriam Palfy considers the cover of her book

Local’s fortune lands her in Dragons’ Den

Miriam Palfy, believes nothing happens by chance and that there’s a reason why she is going to be on Dragons’ Den with her books and the tarot cards she designed.

She was sick during the auditions in Kelowna and a friend went to represent her but she was accepted to appear on the show and will be taping her part in Toronto on Tuesday.

“I know this is the right place for me to be right now,” said Palfy, a Vernon native, who has been a well-known tarot reader for years. She has been a business owner, real estate agent, tried many other careers and describes her lifestyle as boisterously unconventional, extreme, with few boundaries. She has brought everything together in two books, Simply Tarot, Miriam’s Way, and Fools Blink, and a deck of original design tarot cards which use stories from her own life to teach the meaning of each card.

“I want them (the Dragons) to finance the publication of the books and cards. I’ve done so many things and been through so much that I can empathize with almost everyone. The books tell people how to make their personalized tarot cards telling their own stories to leave as a legacy, while living creatively and spontaneously. I can see these in metaphysical and other book stores and gift shops everywhere,” she said.

Palfy has done her research and business plan and has been working with the producers of Dragons’ Den to get her pitch into the required format. She feels she is ready — with a few surprises of her own to add.

“I truly believe in what I’m doing and I think there are no limits to where this can go,” she said.