Logging a concern

Cherryville residents continue to take a stand over logging in their area

Cherryville residents continue to take a stand over logging.

About 55 people attended a public meeting Thursday to discuss concerns that they may lose access to an area deemed sensitive environmentally and economically.

“We want to keep up the pressure,” said Eugene Foisy, regional district director.

B.C. Timber Sales, a government agency, is proposing to allow 209 hectares in the North Fork area to be sold off for timber harvesting.

If the process proceeds, the site could include eight new cutblocks, as well as a 6.5-kilometre road to allow for harvesting.

However, residents want the 209 hectares preserved for future addition to the community forest, which provides local access to timber.

“We want it to be selectively logged like the rest of Cherry Ridge,” said Foisy.

“We’re concerned about the watershed.”

Another major concern is the possibility of landslides.

“We want a hydrologic assessment,” said Foisy. “There are pretty steep slopes there, slides are occurring and there are people living below. The area can be logged but not in that manner (clearcuts).”

Community representatives have met with B.C.’s chief forester and they hope to meet the forests minister.