Lost money safely returned

Owners of Cowboy's Choice grateful to Good Samaritan who returned money found floating around parking lot

Karen and Tim Cooper are grateful for a Good Samaritan.

The Coopers, owners of the Cowboy’s Choice off Highway 97A, are publicly thanking a woman who wishes to remain anonymous after she returned more than $2,000 she found in the Cowboy’s Choice parking lot on a recent Saturday morning.

“She’s amazing,” said Karen. “She saw the money flying around the parking lot. She and her mom were out for a walk when she found it, picked it up, and held onto it until after she called the police.”

Turns out the money was from a client from Tim’s side business as a personal trainer.

He had picked up the money from the client and stopped at the store for a few minutes. He returned to his truck and he figures that’s when the money fell out of the wallet.

“He retraced his steps but didn’t find the money. We thought it was gone,” said Karen. “It was disheartening as that’s a lot of money.”

The woman went into Cowboy’s Choice to alert staff that she had found the money. The Coopers were not in when the woman stopped by.

“She told the staff but they thought she was talking about somebody else,” said Karen. “The lady called back in the afternoon and I happened to answer the phone. She said she was calling because she hadn’t heard back from anybody and I didn’t know the money had been found.

“I cried a little bit. She never, at any time, said how much money she found. We are just so grateful to her.”

The Coopers presented the woman with an undisclosed finder’s fee.

The woman wishes to remain anonymous.


“She’s just very humble,” said Karen.