Deer are not to be fed within Lumby village limits. (Carla Hunt photo)

Deer are not to be fed within Lumby village limits. (Carla Hunt photo)

Lumby bans deer feeding

It’s now illegal to feed deer within Lumby village limits.

Council has given adopted a bylaw to regulate the feeding of deer, and Mayor Kevin Acton says there have been no public complaints about the rule.

“Most people understand the issue and agree with it,” he said.

The village has received numerous complaints about the number of deer in the community, and the animals acting aggressively towards people.

There is also a concern that deer will lead to predators, such as cougars, visiting urban areas.

“Farmers are also not happy with deer coming in and destroying their crops,” said Acton.

Anyone who contravenes the bylaw could be fined up to $500.

Crusher noise crushed

Lumby’s mayor is satisfied that concerns about industrial noise have been addressed.

The village recently received a petition from some residents about what they described as excessive noise from a gravel grinding operation.

“It’s not running anymore,” said Acton of the rock crusher.

Acton added that the operation of the crusher was the result of a miscommunication between a contractor and the owner.

The village will send a letter to the contractor about noise regulations.